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Our speciality is land development. We are masters of subdivision design.  We can make the most efficient use of your land, tailor design to your preferences, save you money on civil construction and assist in achieving best return on investment. We have many years of experience in the greater Waikato area with significant developers who repeatedly choose our services and have us managing their developments from conception to completion, from Northland to Central Otago.

We can provide for a vast range of services: mapping, topographic surveys, natural boundary definition, Boundary re-establishment, removal of limitations on titles,  Cross lease, unit title and subdivision surveys, Land use and subdivision planning consents, Civil engineering design, civil works scheduling and costing, civil contract management, Engineering and building setout, Height to boundary surveys, Asbuilt surveys,

We cater for all levels of client. We offer a relaxed but efficient service that will leave you with good understanding of your project. You will know what to expect and when. We aim to eliminate surprises.

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Services image Civil Contract Management

We operate on high-profile subdivisions coupled with a range of other work.

Services image Resource Consent

All projects requiring building must comply with the Resource management Act 1991 (RMA)

Services image Engineering

The engineering design process involves formulating a plan for engineers.

Services image Subdivision Design

Subdivision design has never been more important due to population growth and increasing land scarcity

Services image Land Development

Land development has its challenges as it battles with government regulation, increasing costs and scarcity of land

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